Construction of RCS Wetland

We are so excited to be starting our education wetland at RCS! We began work in earnest on June 6th and students and staff have been hard at work ever since! The site has been dug, liners are in place, and filling in the growing material base has begun. Check out our pictures! Thank you to Chris Popoff for his excavation services, Del Transport for storage of liners, United Rentals for our fencing, District Health, Safety and Maintenance staff, PAC, Robson Community School Society, Castlegar Wildlife Association, Columbia Basin Trust, BC Wildlife Federation, Columbia Power Corporation, Public Conservation Assistance Fund (HCTF), and Go Grants (HCTF). THANK YOU!   


Why build a school education wetland?

A school wetland provides cross-curricular (social studies, math, language arts, fine arts, science, and indigenous education) environmental, and place-based learning opportunities.  Building and maintaining an artificial wetland provides safe and easily accessible insight into the inner workings (nutrient cycles, animal habitats, ecological succession, etc.) of natural wetlands in our area.  Wetlands were first used by BC’s indigenous peoples who harvested products for everyday use.  In recent times, we have seen the destruction or pollution of local wetlands but also the reintroduction of some, including in Oasis where Cominco (now Teck Metals Ltd.) built a raised railway/highway right-of-way to create a new wetland area.  Providing students with the experience of building their own, locally accessible ecosystem enhances the opportunity to gain an understanding of the environmental and ecological conditions that contribute to these important ecosystems.


Wetland Construction

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